6 oz. Martini Glass
Framed Tents/Canopies
Glass 55-60oz. Pitcher
Stage: 4' x 4' x 6" to 1' high
1.5 OZ Tall Tequila Shooter
10 x 10 Canopy Tent
10 x 15 Canopy Tent
10 x 20 Canopy Tent
10 x 30 Canopy Tent
10" s/s punch bowl ladle, 3 oz.
10.5 oz Water Goblet
10.50" Round Silver Decorative Dinner plate
108 polyester linen drop for 30" cocktail table
108" Round Crushed Linen
108" Round Dull Satin
108" Round Gingham Tablecloth
108" Round Pintuck Taffeta
108" Round Poly
108" Round Taffeta
11 oz Water Goblet
11 oz Wine Glass
12 OZ Pilsner-Katrina glass
12 OZ Sonora Margarita Glass
12" Square Stemware
120" Round Gingham tablecloth
120" Round Burgundy Rosette Satin Linen
120" Round Circle Taffeta Linen
120" Round Crushed Linen
120" Round Dull Satin
120" Round Eggplant Rosette Satin Linen
120" Round Ivory Rosette Satin Linen
120" Round Peacock Rosette Satin Linen
120" Round Pink Rosette Linen
120" Round Pintuck Taffeta Table Cloth
120" Round Poly
13" Square Platter
132" Round Crushed Linen
132" Round Dull Satin
132" Round Pintuck Taffeta
132" Round Poly
132" Round Sequin Taffeta Linen
132" Round Sequins Mesh Linen
132" Round Taffeta
14" Round Cake Stand
14" Square Cake Stand
14" Square Stemware
14" Tall Margarita Glass
14" Triangle Stemware
15 x 15 Tent
15 x 20 Tent
15 x 30 Tent
18" Square Cake Stand
2 Tier Ceramic Plate with Branch style stand
2 Tier Stainless steel stand with 2 white platters
20 oz Wine Glass
20 x 20 Tent
20 x 30 Tent
20 x 40 Tent
20" Round Stemware
20ft Octagon Tent
22" Round Cake Stand
22" Square Cake Stand
23 Cup Cake holer
24" Cocktail Table
2pc Punch Bowl
2pc Salad Bowl
3 part ceramic serving platter
3 Tier Plate Flower Shape
30 x 30 Tent
30 x 40 Tent
30 x 50 Tent
30" Cocktail Table
36 inch Round Kids Table
36" Cocktail Table
4 pc Ceramic cheese tray
4 qt Round Brushed stainless steel chaffing Dish
40 x 100 Canopy Tent
40 X 40 CanopyTent
40 x 50 Canopy Tent
40 x 60 Canopy Tent
48 inch Round Kids Table
48 inch Square Table
48" Round Table
4ft Banquet Table
4ft Table Drape
4ft Tuscan Bench
5" Square Bowl
54" Square Rosette Satin Overlay
58" Square Eggplant Rosette Satin Linen
6 oz Champagne Flute
6' Drape Burlap Table Drape
60 inch Square Table
60" Round Table
60" Round Table with Umbrella Hole
6ft Banquet Table
6ft Crushed Table Drape
6ft Drape Circle Taffeta
6ft Drape Dull Satin
6ft Drape Gingham Tablecloth
6ft Drape Pintuck Taffeta
6ft Drape Taffeta
6ft Kids Banquet Table
6ft Table Drape
7.5" Silver Decorative Salad Plate
72" Round Table
8 oz Wine Glass
8' Drape Burlap Table Linen
8.5 OZ Stemless Martini
88.5 JAZZ FM Saddleback College white lounge
8ft Banquet Table
8ft Crushed Table Drape
8ft Drape Dull Satin
8ft Drape Pintuck Taffeta
8ft Drape Taffeta
8ft Table Drape
9" Tempo Serving Bowl
90" Round Circle Taffeta Linen
90" Round Crushed Linen
90" Round Dull Satin
90" Round Gingham Tablecloth
90" Round Pintuck Taffeta
90" Round Poly
Above7 Live Music Band
Acrylic 3 Gal Beverage Dispenser
Acrylic 3 Gal Beverage Dispenser with Infuser
Acrylic 3 Part Taste Station (set of 2)
Acrylic 3.5 Gal Beverage Dispenser
Additional Propane Tank - 10 gal
Additional Propane Tank - 5 Gal
Adjustable Projection Screen 65" - 80"
Ajita Chopra Events
Alavian Photography and Video Services
All Other Events
Almquist Photography
Ancient Persian Sofreh Design
Appetizers and Hors D'oeuvres
Apple Green & White Gingham
Apple Green Poly Tablecloth
Apple lime Dull Satin Tablecloth
Apple Lime Charmeuse Runner
Apple Lime Dull Satin Sash
Aqua Dull Satin Runner
Aqua Dull Satin Sash
Aqua Poly Tablecloth
Aqua Taffeta Runner
arabian nights theme
Arroyo Trabuco Golf Course : Mission Viejo Ca
Assorted Fruits and Pastries Platters
Assorted Variety of Pastries
Assortment of berries and pastries
Audio Visual Solutions
Authentic Italian Mobile Pizzeria - Pizza900.com
Baby Pink Dull Satin Sash
Baby Pink Dull Satin Tablecloth
Baby pink Poly Tablecloth
Baby Showers
backdrop satin
Balboa Bay Club & Resort - Newport Beach Ca
Balboa Bay Weddings & Events
Bamboo Canopy
Bamboo Canopy
Bamboo Canopy - Ivory 2
Bamboo Canopy - Ivory 3
Bamboo Canopy - Ivory 4
Bamboo Canopy - Ivory 5
Bamboo Canopy - Ivory 6
Bamboo Canopy with Ivory Chiffon Panels
Banquet 60”x120” Gingham Tablecloth
Banquet Cloth- 60" x 120"
Bars, Cooking & Food Transport
BBQ Charcoal Grill
BBQ Propane Grill
Beach Wedding Canopy
before shot of regular dance floor
Beverage Dispensers
Black & White Gingham
Black and White Checkered Dance Floor
Black Astro Turf
Black Chiavari Barstool
Black Crushed Satin
Black Decal - Close Up
Black Decal: Initials and Corner Designs
Black Dull Satin Runner
Black Dull Satin Tablecloth
Black Non-Skid Serving Tray - 14"
Black Padded Folding Chair (Resin)
Black Pintuck Taffeta
Black Poly Tablecloth
Black Samsonite Folding Chair
Black Square Riser 10"
Black Square Riser 12"
Black Square Riser 7" or 8"
Black Taffeta
Black Taffeta Sequins
black taffeta with blue sash
Black taffeta with gold taffeta sash
Blask Dull Satin Sash
Blue & White Gingham
Blue and Orange Taffeta Full Draping 10x10 Tent
Blue Dull Satin Sash
Blue Iridescent Taffeta
Blueberry Tray
Bread & Butter Plate
Bread & Butter Plate
Bright Sage Linen
Bright Sage Polyester Table Cloth
Bronze Pintuck Taffeta
Bronze Taffeta Runner
Bruschetta di Zio
Bubblegum Poly Tablecloth
Buffet Service
Build Your Own Website
Burgunday Taffeta
Burgundy Crush Runner
Burgundy Crushed Satin
Burgundy Pintuck Taffeta
Burgundy Poly Tablecloth
Burlap 120" Round Table Cloth
Burnt Orange Taffeta Octagon Tent Full Fabric Draping
Butter Poly Tablecloth
Cake 2
Cake 3
Cake Knife & Server Set
Cake Stands
Cambro Hot Box
Canopy and Tent Festival Lights
Canopy of Lights
Canopy Top with White Stretch Fabric and LED, Festival Lighting
Catering Services
Centerpiece 1
Centerpiece 2
Centerpiece 3
Centerpiece 4
Centerpiece 5
Centerpiece 6
Chaffing Dish 8 qt rectangle w/pan
Champagne Dull Satin Runner
Champaign Dull Satin Tablecloth
Charcoal Crush Runner
Charcoal Pintuck Taffeta
Charcoal Taffeta
Charmeuse Sashes
Charmeuse Satin Runners
Chauvet LED Battery Operated Light
Cherry Bowls
Chiavari Barstools
Chiavari Wood Style Designer Chairs
Children's Chairs
Chocolate Brown Pintuck Taffeta
Chocolate Charmeuse Sash
Chocolate dipped strawberry in Tea cup
Chocolate Dull Satin Runner
Chocolate Dull Satin Tablecloth
Chocolate Poly Tablecloth
Chocolate Satin with Sage sash
Circle Taffeta Linens
City Lights
Clear sidewalls
Cocktail table designs
cocktail tables
cocktail tables with Crush champagne linens
Coffee Maker Urns and Samovars
Coffee Urn 42 cup
Coffee Urn 55 cup
Coffee Urn 60 cup
Color Chart for Crushed Satin Linens
Color Samples
Color Samples
Color Samples
Color Samples
Color Samples
Commercial Coffee Urn 100 cup
Conference or Classroom Table
Contact Info, Hours, & Social Media
Copper Crush Sash
Coral Poly Tablecloth
Corona Del Mar Beachside Wedding
Corporate Events
Cosmetic Dentisry
Covenant Hills Clubhouse outdoor ceremony & Indoor Reception
Crab Cakes di Persiano
Cranberry Taffeta Runner
Cream & Sugar Set
Crush Runner
Crush Sashes
Crushed Glass 3 parts Serving Platter
Crushed Glass Serving Platter Large
Crushed Shimmer Table Linen
Cup & Saucer
Cup & Saucer
Custom Cushion Cover
Custom Designed Name Table # Stands
Custom designed Pool Dance Floor
custom pool deck design
Cut Fruit Platter
Damask Runner
Damask Runners
Dance Floor Decal
Dance Floors,Stages and Backdrops
Dark Rose Crushed Satin
Day Shot of Same Tent with White Fabric and Table setup
Dayshot of White and Silver taffeta Fabric Tent
Debra & Robert's Wedding 8.2011
Decorative Damask Runner
decorative items
Designer Quilted medium Floor cushion seats
Dessert Table 1
Dessert Table 2
Dessert Table 3
Dessert Table 4
Desserts 1
Desserts 2
Dinner Plate
Dinner Plate
Dinner plate
Dinning Table 8ft x 4ft
DJ Services & Music Bands
Door 2 Door Services
Dream Beginnings
Drinks 1
Drinks 2
Drinks 3
Drinks 4
Dull Satin Linens
Dull Satin Napkins
Dull Satin Runners
Dull Satin Sashes
Dusty Rose Dull Satin Runner
Dusty Rose Poly Tablecloth
Eggplant Dull Satin Runner
Eggplant Dull Satin Tablecloth
Eggplant Poly Tablecloth
Eggplant Taffeta Runner
Engagement Party - Lounge and Lighting
Event Coordinators
Event Design and Lounge Furniture
Example of table layout
Exotic Berries from South America
Fabric Tent Designs
fabric tent lighting Blue gels
fabric tent lighting Fuscia color gels
Fabric tent lighting green
fabric tent lighting purple color gel
Fabric Tenting Lighting
Fabric Tents
Farm House Table
Farm House Wood Tables
Farmhouse Rustic 60" Round Table
Farmhouse X back Chair
Farmhouse X-Back Barstool Chair
Farmhouse X-Back Drifting Antique
fire pit straw seats
Floral Services
Folding Chairs with Padded Seats
Forster Mansion lounge benches in Chocolate and Sage Crepe Satin
Forster Mansion San Juan Capistrano
Framed Frabric Tent
Frameless Fabric Cover Tent
Front Entry Fabric Design
Fruit and Pastry Design
Fruit Mugs used as Serving Pieces
Fruitwood Wood Folding Chair
Fuchsia & White Gingham
Fuchsia Dull Satin Tablecloth
Fuchsia Pintuck Taffeta
Full Fabric Tents
Full Fabric Tents and Cabanas
Full House Casino
Full Pan 2 1/2" deep
Full Tent view
Full Tent with Lighting and Pole Fabric Covering Only
Fuschia Poly Tablecloth
Fushia Charmeuse Runner
Fushia Dull Satin Sash
Garden 108" Round
Garden 120" Round
Garden 132" Round
Garden 90" Round
general scene of cocktail tables in an event
Gingham Linens
Gingham Napkins
Girl's Baby Shower
Glass 1.2 Gal Beverage Dispenser with stand
Glass 10.5" Cake Stand
Glass 13" Cake Stand
Glass 2.5 Gal Beverage Dispenser
Glass 7.5" Cake Stand
Glass Gold Beaded Charger
Glass, Ceramic, and Acrylic Platters
Gld Dull Satin Runner
Gold Beaded Charger
Gold Branches with Initials Decal
Gold Chiavari Ballroom Style Chairs (Resin)
Gold Crush Satin
Gold Dull Satin Sash
Gold Dull Satin Tablecloth
Gold Flatware
Gold Package
Gold Pintuck Taffeta
Gold Taffita
Gray Poly Tablecloth
Green Astro turf
Green Dull Satin Runner
Green Screen Kit
Greg Rayes Event Design
Guest Tables
Gunmetal Pintuck Taffeta
Half 60" Round Table
Half pan 2 1/2" deep
Half Round Stage
Handcrafted Pida bench
Hanging Cake Stand
Head Table
Health and Wellness
Heaters, Fans & Umbrellas
Helpful resources on the Net
Hilton Waterfront Hotel : Huntington Beach Ca
Hilton Waterfront in Huntington Beach hallway Lounge
Hunter Green & White Gingham
Hunter Green Poly Tablecloth
Ice Tong
Interior Shot with Morrocan Lantern
Irish Coffee Mug
Irvine Tea Party
Irvine Tea Party picture 2
Irvine Tea party picture 3
Ivory Crushed Satin
Ivory Pintuck Taffeta
Ivory Plates with Gold Band
Ivory Poly Tablecloth
Ivory Taffeta Sequins
Keelee Ruarke Wedding
Kelsey Christine Photography
Kids Tables
Large Floor Cushion Seat
Large Serving Tray with Kick Stand
Large White Bowl
LED Lighting Options
Libbey 10 oz. Soho Hi Ball Glass
Libbey 11oz. Double Old Fashion Rocks Glass
Libbey 9.5oz. Embassy Martini Glass
light bar
Light Blue & White Gingham
Light Blue Crush Sash
Light blue Pintuck Taffeta
Light blue Poly Tablecloth
Lighting and Audio Visual
Lilac Crush Runner
Lilac Dull Satin sash
Lilac Poly Tablecloth
Lime Green Crushed Satin
Limousine Service
Little Italy
little italy 1
Live Music Bands
Lounge and bench designs
Lounge Area
lounge circle bed with pillows
Luncheon Plate
Luncheon plates
Lux Lounge Furniture Collection - Orange County
Magnetic Pin Wash Light
Mahogany Chiavari Ballroom Style Chair (Wood)
Marina Del Rey Marriott Hotel - Platinum Wedding
Market Umbrella
Market Umbrella
Masterpiece Publishing Laguna Beach April 2009
Meditterranean designer fabric bench cushions
Midnight blue Dull Satin Runner
Midnight Taffeta Runner
Monte Carlo Night @ The Village in Irvine Spectrum 2008
Monte Carlo Night at The Village in Irvine Spectrum 2009
Moroccan Bench Fabric Canopies
moroccan bench with canopy
moroccan Bench with cushions and pillows
moroccan Bench with cushions and pillows 2
Moroccan Patio Design 2
Moroccan style 1
moroccan style Patio Design
Moroccan Theme
Morrocan Style Fabric Tenting
Mustard Poly Tablecloth
Nachos Cheese Warmer
Natural Wood Folding Chairs
Navy & White Gingham
Navy Pintuck Taffeta
Navy Poly Tablecloth
New York Deli
Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California
NZ Concept Photography Web and Graphic Design
Olive & White Gingham
Olive Green Tafftea Runner
open tent with fabric draping and paper lanterns
Open Tent with Frame Fabric Covering Only
Orange & White Gingham
Orange Charmeuse Runner
Orange County Beach Weddings
Orange County Wedding & Event Venues
Orange Crushed Satin
Orange Dull Satin Sash
Orange Pintuck Taffeta
Orange Poly Tablecloth
Orange Taffeta
Our Blog & Reviews
Our Work Featured in Ceremony Magazine
Outdoor Fabric Tenting
Outdoor Partial Fabric Draping
Outdoor Wedding Table Layout
Oversize Taffeta 110x156
Oversized 110x156 Tablecloth
Oversized King Drape 110x156
PA System with Microphone
Pane di Feta
Partial Fabric Octagon Tent
Partial Fabric Tents
Party Rentals in Orange County
Pastry Tong
Patio Heaters
Peach Dull Satin Sash
Peach Dull Satin Tablecloth
Peach Poly Tablecloth
Peacock Charmeuse Runner
Peacock Dull Satin Tablecloth
Peacock Taffeta Runner
Persian Restaurants
Photo Gallery
Photography & Video Services
Pink Charmeuse Runner
Pink Crushed Satin
Pink Pintuck Taffeta
Pinspot Lights
Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloths
Place Setting
Plain Black Charger
Plain Silver Charger
Plastic Wash Tub
Platinum Package
Polypoplin fabric table cloth with Chiffon Sash Design
Popcorn Mahcine
Portable Bars
Portable Graphite Bar - 4ft
Press Releases
Private Party and Club DJ's
Professional Photography
Purple Poly Tablecloth
Raspberry Bowls
Rectangle Serving Tray
Rectangular and Square Table
Red & White Gingham
Red Charmeuse Runner
Red Drink Buckets with Handles
Red Dull Satin Tablecloth
Red Orange Taffeta Runner
Red Poly Tablecloth
Regency Dinner Knife
Regency Dessert Fork
Regency Dessert Spoon
Regency Dinner Fork
Regency Dinner Spoon
Regency Salad Fork
Regency Soup Spoon
Resource Links
Ritz Carlton - Dana Point Platinum Wedding Design
Ritz Carlton: Dana Point Ca
Ritz-Carlton Dana Point Ethnic Wedding
Room Over View 1
Rosette Satin Linens
Round Tables
Round Wedding Cake Stand
Royal Blue Dull Satin Runner
Royal Blue Poly Tablecloth
Sage Dull Satin Tablecloth
Sage Pintuck Taffeta
Sage Poly Tablecloth
Salad & Dessert Plate
Salad & Dessert Plates
Salame e Oliva
Samovar with Teapot - 3L
Sample Back Yard Before Design
Sample Color Chart of Available Dull Satin Colors
sample drape work
sample drape work 2
sample drape work 3
Sample Stages
Samsonite Folding Chairs
Samsonite Folding Chairs
Sashes & Runners
Sea Foam Green Taffeta
Seamless Dance Floors
Seamless White Dance Floor
Seamless White Dance Floor Custom fit
Sequins Linens
Serpentine Table
Serpentine Table with Dark Sage Taffeta Fabric Design
Serving Fork
Serving Spoon
Serving Tong
Serving Tongs, Stainless steel
Serving Utensils & Etc.
Set up and Take down fees
Set up and take down package 1
Set up and take down package 10
Set up and take down package 11
Set up and take down package 12
Set up and take down package 13
Set up and take down package 14
Set up and take down package 15
Set up and take down package 16
Set up and take down package 17
Set up and take down package 18
Set up and take down package 19
Set up and take down package 2
Set up and take down package 20
Set up and take down package 21
Set up and take down package 3
Set up and take down package 4
Set up and take down package 5
Set up and take down package 6
Set up and take down package 7
Set up and take down package 8
Set up and take down package 9
Set up per item
set up per table
Sheraton Hotel Cerritos CA
Sidewalls & Accessories
Silver 3 Level Cupcake Tower
Silver Beaded Charger
Silver Charmeuse Runner
Silver Charmeuse Sash
Silver Chiavari Ballroom Style Chairs (Resin)
Silver Crushed Satin
Silver Mirror
Silver Package
Silver Pintuck Taffeta
Silver Square Charger
Skyblue Dull Satin Runner
sofreh flower bed plate
Solid Poly Gabardine Linens
Soup Plate
Soup Plate
Soup Plate
Southern California
Specialty Linens
Square Glass Beverage Dispenser - 2.2 Gal
Square White Ceramic Salad Bowl 8.8" x8.5"
Stage: 4' x 4' x 2-high
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Brushed Beverage Bucket - 18qt
Stainless Steel Hammered Beverage Bucket - 24qt
Stainless steel Round Desert stand 14"
Stainless steel Round Desert stand 16"
Stainless steel Round Desert stand 19"
Stainless Steel Striped Beverage Bucket - 20qt
Stanctions and Red Rope
Standing Commercial Fan
Steak Knife
StormChaser™ RGBW LED Strip - Lighting
Strawberry Farms Golf Club
Strawberry Platter
Sugar Branch Special Events & Design
Sweet Heart Table - Front View 1
Sweet Heart Table - Front View 2
Sweet Heart Table 1
Sweet Heart Table 2
Sweet sixteen Moroccan Style Party
Sweet Sixteen Party
Table Designs
Table designs
Table layout in the backyard
Table Number Stands
Table Number Stands - 8.25"
taffeta fabric designed outdoor lounge
Taffeta Linens
Taffeta Runners
Tall Shot Glasses
Tall Standing Moroccan Lamp
Taupe Poly Tablecloth
Tea House Design
Tea Pot- White Ceramic 8" x 10"
Tea Pot- White Ceramic Wide
Tea Section, Fruits and Pastries
Teal Iridescent Taffeta
Teal Pintuck Taffeta
Teal Poly Tablecloth
Teal Taffeta Runner
The Center Club
The Island Hotel Wedding at Fashion Island in Newport Beach CA
The Village at Irvine Spectrum - New Year's Eve Bash
Tiered Glass Cake Stand
Trash Can with Liner
Turqoise taffeta Runner
Turqouise and Blue Fabric Framed Tent
Turquoise and White Fabric tent
Turquoise Dull Satin Tablecloth
Turquoise Poly Tablecloth
Turquoise Taffeta
Tuscan Bar - 4ft
Tuscan Bar - 6ft
Tuscan Bar - 6ft
Umbrella Base - 35 Lbs. Under The Table
Vegetable design for sofreh aghd
Villa Amalfi and Hidden Valley Golf Club
Vino e Formaggio Event at Villa Sienna Apartments March 27, 2010
Waiter Tray, Oval
Waiter Tray, Stand
Waiters & Servers
wedalert.com's Southern California Wedding Locations
Wedding and Special Event Backdrops
Wedding couples personalized website design
Wedding Decor
Wedding Packages
What is a Sofreh?
White Ceramic platter - 13"x 10"
White Ceramic platter- 15"x12"
White Chiavari Ballroom Style Chairs (Resin)
White Coffee Mug
White Crushed Satin
White Dull Satin Runner
White Dull Satin Sash
White Dull Satin Tablecloth
White Ice Chest
White Large Lounge Leather Furniture
White Padded Folding Chair (Resin)
White Pintuck Taffeta
White Poly Tablecloth
White Portable Bar - 4ft
White Sidewalls
White Silver Trim
White Square Appetizer & Bread & Butter Plate
White Square Dinner Plate
White Square Plates
White Square Salad Plate
White Standard Pattern
Wide angle view of table seating area
Window Sidewalls
Wireless Microphone Set of 4
Wood Dance Floors
Woodrose Poly Tablecloth
wrought Iron Wedding Arbor or Arch
Yahoo User Special 2017
Yellow & White Gingham
Yellow Charmeuse Runner
Yellow Charmeuse Sash
Yellow Dull Satin Runner
Yellow Dull Satin Tablecloth
Yellow Poly Tablecloth
All Rentals have to be confirmed with our Rental Specialists. Any order placed online will not be accepted until you have checked availability for the items for your event dates.

Please call 949-429-3175 to confirm availability of products for your scheduled event date.