Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters
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Product Description

Perfect compliment to an outside event. What to do about those guests that get cold really easy? Don't worry we have the answer. Our wonderful commercial heaters are ready to keep your guests warm for hours. Each Heater comes with a full tank of propane and includes us setting up your heater for you.

**NOT ALL HEATERS ARE THE SAME COLOR AS PICTURED** Some are black, brown, or silver. They are all the same style, just different colors. We try our best to put all matching ones on one order but there is no guarantee and is based on availability.

All Rentals have to be confirmed with our Rental Specialists. Any order placed online will not be accepted until you have checked availability for the items for your event dates.

Please call 949-429-3175 to confirm availability of products for your scheduled event date.