Sugar Branch Special Events & Design

Sugar Branch Special Events & Design
About SBE Our Story Sugar … refined and luxurious – no two crystals are ever alike. Though similar in quality, each one is distinctly unique. In its very essence, sugar sparkles. Sugar Branch Events, like you, exudes radiance. Your event is a reflection of you. You are unlike any other, why shouldn’t your event be? Your event is our main ingredient; we add the sugar to make your dream sparkle and showcase your unique vision.

What We Do

Sugar goes through a refinement process, just like ideas. Sugar Branch Special Events & Design™ facilitates your vision. We take your ideas, your imagination, your dreams, your indulgences and design them into a quality production that is both affordable and environmentally conscious, because we know that is as important to you as it is to us..

We Listen. We Indulge. We Produce.

We understand first and foremost that design is about aesthetics, and that you want your event to have high visual and emotional appeal. We are mood masters; we create the ambiance and spirit of your event the way you always imagined it.

Lindsay Rogers- Event Designer

She was once told that, “The Theatre will prepare you for anything, Darling.” Lindsay understands how true that statement is after receiving her formal production, theatrical design and directing training from the University of Southern California, graduating with a degree in Theatre. Gaining exceptional experience in all aspects of theatrical design and management, Lindsay now combines her great love of theatricality with her love of great events, where every event becomes a great production. She brings the grandeur and excitement of the Theatre to her events, producing worlds which transcend reality and captivate guests . Directing, organizing and designing are Lindsay’s greatest talents and she thrives on making people the stars of their own events, on making them shine.

Brittany Geisler – Event Coordinator

From her first job in a banquet hall at age 15, Brittany knew she would have a life-long interest in event planning. After orchestrating her own wedding in 2008, she was utterly hooked. Brittany obtained a degree in Social Ecology from the University of California Irvine, specializing in Environmental Planning. Her passion for nature and environmental causes has allowed her creativity to evolve in new and innovative ways, always at the forefront of environmental design. Combining ever-changing trends with long-running traditions she focuses on being ‘Eco Chic’ by using natural elements in her weddings, giving them a more organic, intimate feel. Brittany’s environmental enthusiasm means her events are always sensitively planned with artfully conjured alternatives.

Mission Statement

You are the star of your Sugar Branch Event. Your event is that one day when it is all about YOU. We indulge your every fantasy, any daydream to make your event unrepeatable, individual, awe-inspiring. We live in the imagination. We live to make you sparkle.

All Rentals have to be confirmed with our Rental Specialists. Any order placed online will not be accepted until you have checked availability for the items for your event dates.

Please call 949-429-3175 to confirm availability of products for your scheduled event date.