Canopy Tent- 40 ft x 100 ft

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Tents aren't just for your summer parties. It's perfect for any type of outdoor events. They are simple and versatile. With a tent, you can dress it up or down to match any party.

If you have a big outdoor event, opt for this 40 feet x 100 feet tent with white top. This is the perfect tent to provide shade and seating to a large number of guests. You can also customize this tent and add 10-foot sections for $180 more.

All tent prices include standard setup and stakes to hold the tent down. However, if stakes are not an option (i.e.: going on concrete, asphalt, brick, etc) then base plates or water barrels are an additional cost. The pole covers and water barrel covers that will give your reception a cleaner look have to be rented separately, as well.

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