Poly- 6ft Table Drape

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These linens are of solid colors and are made of polyester. Linens are great addition to any event setup as it easily adds style and color to an event. This 6-foot table drape falls to the floor on all side on a 6-foot banquet table.

Linens are required when renting any of our tables. You can always choose from our fine selection of linens to match your event needs. If you would like to choose a color, make sure you have determined what type of chairs you will be using in order to match your table linens.

Note: After you checkout and place your order, a Persiano Rental Specialist will contact you to confirm your selected item(s) are in stock and available for the day(s) of your event. All Rentals must be confirmed. If you would prefer to expedite the process, please contact us directly at 949-429-3175 to bypass the online checkout process.