Serpentine Table

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When planning a wedding or a special event, one must remember to think of the comfort of the guests present. Persiano Party Rentals & Events has a variety of tables to accommodate any design arrangements necessary.

Serpentine tables are used primarily in serving stations at your event or wedding. It takes 2 or more of these tables to get the actual “serpentine” look. This can also be used in creating a half-circle or full-circle look. It's the perfect table for creating beautiful arrangements for your event.

Set-up and/or tear-down fees are not included. An additional charge is added if this labor is required. Please advise our Persiano Rental Specialist.

Note: After you checkout and place your order, a Persiano Rental Specialist will contact you to confirm your selected item(s) are in stock and available for the day(s) of your event. All Rentals must be confirmed. If you would prefer to expedite the process, please contact us directly at 949-429-3175 to bypass the online checkout process.